Renting a car has many advantages. Whether you want to go on that road trip you’ve been planning for a while or need to get to a meeting in a different city, car rentals make the process easy and stress-free. You will get to choose the car you want and can go off on an adventure whenever you like. 

Fuel efficiency is something every driver wants, and the way you drive can play a big role when it comes to better gas mileage and savings. Whether you are driving your own car or a rental vehicle, the following tips will help you maximize fuel efficiency:

Obey the speed limit

This is a must regardless of whether you care about fuel efficiency or not. Safety must be prioritized at all times, and every driver must obey the rules to ensure the roads are safe for everyone. Obeying the speed limit is mandatory to prevent car accidents and speeding tickets, but did you know that respecting the speed limit can also help you save on gas? A vehicle’s miles per gallon typically decrease after 50mph, and obeying the speed limit will help you save a lot of money on gas. 

Unload your bags

Believe it or not, unloading your baggage will help maximize fuel efficiency. For every 100 pounds carried inside or on top of your vehicle, you can lower your car’s fuel efficiency by as much as 2%, which is why you need to unload all of your bags and your gear when you arrive at your destination. 

Be mindful when you’re behind the wheel 

Driving aggressively can reduce your car’s fuel efficiency by up to 33%, as can braking and accelerating quickly. Driving mindfully and respectfully can help you save both money and frustration. This tip will not only help you get better gas mileage, but it is also useful for just about every other scenario life throws your way. 

Try to avoid congested times and places

If you’re going on a road trip, you likely have some flexibility in terms of times and dates, and you should take advantage of your schedule to avoid congested times and places. If you drive when roads are less busy, you will not only reduce the amount of time you spend on the road, but you will also reduce your time spent idling and will improve your miles per gallon. This would allow you to save on gas, and you will have more time to enjoy the destination as opposed to wasting time trying to get to it. 

Check your tire pressure

It is recommended that you check tire pressure every few hundred miles. For every 1 PSI drop in pressure (in all 4 tires), your gas mileage will be reduced by about 0.3% and keeping your tires properly inflated can help you improve your MPGs by as much as 3%. 

Choose the rental car wisely

It’s fun to rent a fancy car or a big SUV, but you have to consider gas and factor fuel efficiency into your decision. Personal preference will play a role in your rental decision, but you have to remember that smaller cars get better fuel economy than larger ones, and if you are interested in maximum fuel mileage, you have to choose the right car. If you are travelling solo or with one other person, you do not need a large vehicle and can settle for a smaller car that can safely get you to your destination. 

Consider your situation and choose your rental car accordingly. If you will be travelling with kids and lots of bags, a compact car is not suitable, and this is why you have to consider your needs to choose the most efficient option. You can also ask the car rental company for professional opinions and advice because they will offer you recommendations regarding vehicle types and models with the best fuel economy ratings. 

Don’t forget to consider details like features and colours because these, too, can contribute to fuel savings. Lighter-coloured cars and tinted windows, for example, will reduce interior heat loads and require less air conditioning use. 

Additional Tips

  • Drive judiciously. Once you select the right rental car for your needs, you can then drive responsibly to maximize fuel efficiency. Driving conservatively can lower fuel economy by 15 to 30 percent at highway speeds and 10 to 40 percent in stop-and-go traffic, which means you should avoid jackrabbit starts, hard acceleration and rapid acceleration. 
  • Respect speed limits. Fuel economy tends to peak at around 50 mph on most cars, then drops off as speeds increase. Observing speed limits can increase fuel economy and lead to safer roads. 
  • Avoid excessive idling. A car engine consumes one-quarter to one-half gallon of fuel per hour when idling, which is why you should try to shut off the engine if you will be stopped for more than a minute. Only do this when it is safe to do so. 
  • Consider using cruise control. Minimizing speed fluctuations on the highways will help you save gas. 

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