A rental car can help you get to your destination, and whether you are in your own vehicle or a rental car, you need to drive safely and responsibly at all times. This will ensure the roads in Vancouver are safe for everyone. You need to be extra careful when driving in the fog, which can lead to limited visibility. 

If you are driving in the fog with a rental car, you will have to adapt your driving style to remain safe and will have to plan your journey carefully to reduce the risk of an accident. Fog causes a very high number of accidents each year because low visibility increases the risk of crashing with another car. 

This can be avoided if you remain careful and follow these safety tips when driving in foggy conditions:

  1. Reduce your speed. It is a must that you slow down when driving in fog. Reducing your speed will allow you to distance yourself from other cars, and you will have plenty of time to brake and come to a stop if need be. 
  2. Eliminate distractions. You need to concentrate at all times when driving a car, and your focus needs to be on the road. You should not be talking on your cell phone, listening to loud music, eating or applying makeup because these types of distractions can lead to a car crash, especially when combined with foggy weather conditions. 
  3. Signal. This is a great way to make other drivers aware of your intentions. Use your blinker at every opportunity, and if you plan on making a right turn or a left turn or want to switch lanes, notify the other drivers around you by signalling as much as possible. 
  4. Leave lots of room between your car and the vehicle in front of you. Fog makes it harder to see, and this is why it’s so important to leave distance between your car and the one in front. In the event that you must brake quickly, you will be able to do this safely without rear-ending the car in front of you. 
  5. Pull over if visibility is making driving unsafe. Safety must be prioritized at all times, and if you cannot see your surroundings or feel uncomfortable behind the wheel, it’s best to safely pull over. You can wait for the fog to clear if you are located in a safe area and have the time to wait until it is safe to drive again, or you can call for help if the fog thickens and you cannot see clearly. 
  6. Remain in your lane. Fog will make it harder to see, and you need to watch the lines of the road as much as you can to ensure you are not drifting into the next lane. Avoid changing lanes or passing other cars when driving in fog. 
  7. Check your speed. It can sometimes feel like you’re going much slower than you are when driving in foggy conditions, but you may actually be going over the speed limit. Check on this aspect regularly to ensure you are following all of the rules. 
  8. Stay off the highway if you can. Highways are fast but can be very dangerous when there is fog, and speed may be a problem in these situations. Stick to slower roads if this is a possibility because you’ll be able to take your time. 
  9. Use your fog lights. Most rental cars have fog lights which are very useful. These downward-angled lights will cut through the gloom to highlight the road in front of you, and you will be able to see where you are going. Additionally, fog lights will also help other drivers see you coming. 
  10. Avoid driving if you can. If the fog is making it very dangerous for you to drive, consider postponing your plans or leaving at a different time. Going on a road trip with a rental car is supposed to be fun and not dangerous. It’s better to arrive safely than to panic the entire drive. 

When to Use Fog Lights

Fog lights are very helpful but should only be used when you cannot see the road clearly. Every province has their own rules surrounding these lights, and you should confirm this information before you leave on your road trip with your rental car

Fog, heavy rain and snow are weather conditions that require fog lights, and you should never use fog lights when visibility is good, especially at night, because your lights can dazzle other drivers. it’s also important that you don’t confuse your fog lights for your high-beam headlights because, in low visibility conditions, the high beam can actually make it harder to see the road ahead because the light will reflect off whatever is reducing your visibility. 

Front fog lights are also angled downwards to reduce the risk of blinding other drivers. Cars that feature these lights generally have them on the front and back, and you can check on this aspect when you are renting the car. Look at the hood of the car, where you will see your main headlights. If you see smaller lights further down (usually in line with your license plate), these are the fog lights. 

You can also check the light display for a symbol that looks like a headlight with three straight lines and a wiggly slash through them, or ask the rental car company staff, to show you vehicles with fog lights. If you tell them you are only interested in renting a car that has fog lights, they will show you the right vehicles at65ccordingly. 

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