If travelling by car makes you queasy, road trips can be problematic. Dizziness, headaches and nausea are just some of the symptoms associated with motion sickness, which will prevent you from enjoying your trip. The good news is that this does not have to be the case because there are tips that can help you beat this problem, so try doing the following:

Take Control Of The Situation

When travelling by car, a lot of people experience motion sickness if they are not in the driver’s seat, and it is generally found that the driver is less prone to nausea than a passenger because their brain is using its motor commands to control the vehicle. Drivers are a lot less likely to experience queasiness, so put yourself behind the wheel.

Be Mindful Of Your Consumption

Certain foods and beverages can make the situation worse, so watch your consumption before and during your road trip. Stay away from heavy foods that don’t agree with you, foods that are very spicy, and meals that make you feel extremely full as these will worsen your symptoms and will cause you to feel more nauseous. The same is true for foods with strong odours, so stay away from these as well.

Sit In The Right Seat

If you cannot put yourself behind the wheel, sit in the front seat and look at the horizon so that you have a better sense of control than you would have if you were riding in the back. Sitting in the back seat can make your motion sickness worse, so if you must ride as a passenger, always try sitting in the front and open a vent or window because fresh air can help the situation.

Use Distractions

Talking to the people in the car or listening to your favourite music are great distractions that will lower your anxiety caused by not being in control of the situation. This is an effective trick for those who must ride as a passenger because distractions work and can keep your queasiness at bay. Make sure the conversation is not about motion sickness because this will not help, so stick to light topics that are fun.

Talk Yourself Out Of Motion Sickness

This may sound strange but it can work, so it is definitely worth a try. Tell yourself that you are not going to get sick, and set your own expectations. You can also practice breathing techniques that you can do while in the car, and the combination of these tricks will help calm you down and will lower your anxiety levels.

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