The COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe impact on a number of industries, and travelling has changed drastically as a result. Travelling has actually been banned to some extent in certain areas, but there are many people who need to go on essential trips, and if this applies to you, there are a lot of steps and precautions you must take to ensure everyone’s safety.

A road trip is not what it used to be, and preparation is a must to help prevent the spread of this virus. You need to pack all of your essentials because stopping for food can put you at risk. It’s natural to make stops along the way, but with the current pandemic, contact with other people and surfaces must be limited, meaning you need to stop less often. When you do stop, you need to make sure you have a mask, and you should have sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer in your car at all times. When you arrive at your destination, don’t forget to bring your mask in with you and wipe down the surfaces in your hotel room.

If you need to rent a car, you will be happy to know that this is safe to do if you take the proper precautions. You can wipe down the steering wheel, handles and all other surfaces for peace of mind, but all reputable car rental companies have implemented strict cleaning procedures and rigorous disinfecting protocols that must be followed. All employees are aware of these changes and know that they have to wash, vacuum, wipe down and sanitize every vehicle after each rental. Additionally, they have to use specific disinfectants that meet the requirements stated by leading health authorities.

Rental car companies will clean every component of the vehicle, including the seat belts, steering wheel, console, door handles, cup holders, vents, mirrors, gear shift and other high-touch areas. They take this process very seriously and will complete a thorough cleaning, so you can have peace of mind. Some companies are also offering curbside rentals to help reduce the spread of the virus, meaning renters do not have to set foot inside the facility. Many of them will even deliver the vehicle to the renter’s home or workplace to further minimize the risk of spreading this virus. In terms of payment, low-touch transactions are now the norm and advance check-ins can be completed online or through a cell phone, both of which will reduce the need for close contact.

If you take the right steps, you can rent a vehicle without having to worry, and Expo Rent a Car will make sure you feel comfortable with the process. If you need to rent a car for your next trip and are looking for cheap car rentals, we can help, so if you are in the downtown Vancouver area, contact us today!