If you need to rent a car in Vancouver, there are certain pieces of information you need to be aware of, and the following guide will tell you everything you need to know:

Renting a Car Directly from the Airport May Be Costly

There are car rental shops at the airport, but this option is known to be expensive because car rental companies pay a premium fee to the airport to open their shops in this location. This fee is imposed on their customers, which is why you should expect to pay more if you rent a car directly from the airport. 

Renting a car from somewhere else will give you access to cheaper rates, and you should consider looking for a car rental company in downtown Vancouver. You can always take a taxi from the airport to reach the rental company in the downtown core, where you can find lower rates on car rentals. 

You Need to Have Car Rental Insurance

You cannot drive a rental car on the roads of Vancouver without the proper insurance, and you can purchase car rental insurance directly from your car rental company. Before you make this purchase, however, you should talk to your credit card company because many of them offer car rental insurance to their cardholders at no cost. Ask them what coverage their policy includes, and if they provide comprehensive coverage, you won’t have to buy car rental insurance from the car rental company. 

Do Not Ignore the Terms and Conditions

This can result in a dispute between you and the service provider, and the car rental company can impose a penalty on you for violating their terms and conditions. For example, car rental companies charge an additional driver fee per extra driver, and you cannot let a person for whom you have not paid the additional driver fee get behind the wheel.

Every car rental company also has its own fuel policy, which is another example. Violating any of their policies will result in penalties, and if you want to avoid these fees, you need to read the terms and conditions page carefully and thoroughly. This will ensure you understand every detail, and there will not be any misunderstandings.

Vancouver Car Rentals

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