Your first business trip is a substantial milestone in your career and, most importantly, a fun one! Although the trip itself may be piled with various meetings, dinners, and preparation, the journey to get there can be full of adventure and sight-seeing. It may seem absurd and impossible to become a savvy business traveller overnight, but with the right tips, you’ll be navigating your first business trip like a pro.

To find out how to get the most out of your work venture, check out the three tips to ensure a smooth journey below.

Pack Practically

Choosing the right items to pack for your trip is imperative to the overall success of your business trip. Although it may be difficult, it’s critical to avoid overpacking and having your suitcases stuffed with articles of clothing that you will not even need. Pack light and only the clothing items you know will be necessary. Consider an outfit for meetings, dinner and the in-between, but re-use that pair of jeans when possible! Set aside specific layers for each day to make outfit selection far easier. If you have a meeting as soon as you reach your location, wear the suit jacket or dress en route to keep it from getting wrinkled in transit.

Stick With One Car Rental Service

For business travels, you won’t want to be calling Ubers and spending all of your cash on taxis. When you’re on the road, you’ll need an affordable car rental from Vancouver that gets you to and from meetings in style. Find a car rental in downtown Vancouver with offers that suit your needs and your company’s! Many insurance companies will try to have you purchase an expensive insurance policy but at Expo Rent A Car, our policy is about transparency and no hidden fees! We make renting a vehicle for your business trip straightforward and simple, with no credit card required, 24/7 customer service care and an age requirement of 18 with valid driver’s license!

Charge Your Devices

Your electronic devices are essential to your work trip, but they are useless if they’re not fully charged! If you’re preparing for a meeting in person and it quickly changes to one via Skype, your laptop or cellphone needs to be charged and in optimal condition to ensure nothing interferes with the meeting. If you’re continuously on the go in your rental car, keep your devices charged up while driving! Our vehicles all have charging ports installed to allow you to charge, play your music or even discuss pre-meeting planning all while you’re on the road.

For your next business venture, be sure to reserve your car rental in Vancouver from Expo Rent A Car! With a wide selection of modern, stylish and practical cars, choose with one is most suited to your needs and reserve it in time for your trip across the border or in BC today. Get in touch with our support.