If you’re going to be renting a car this summer so you can finally go on that road trip you’ve been planning, you’ll be interested to know that there are things you can do to save money and get the rental car you want.

Try doing one or more of the following the next time you need to rent a car so that your wallet doesn’t feel any pain:

  1. Look into a loyalty rewards program. This step is easy and usually free, so there is no reason not to join. If you are a part of a program, chances are you’ll be eligible for upgrades and won’t have to wait in any lines if you’re picking up the rental from an airport. As a member, you’ll have more options and you’ll also collect points every time you rent a car so that down the road, with enough points, you’ll be able to get a free rental.
  2. Go online and look for coupons. You’ll be surprised at the number of promotions and coupons you will come across, and once you apply them alongside your loyalty rewards program, you’ll get double the savings! There are several coupon and promo codes flying around the internet, so take a couple of minutes to conduct a search and you will be really glad that you did.
  3. Don’t hesitate to ask about the rental shop if they offer any discounts. There is no harm in asking. Sometimes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that they will offer you some sort of discount or tell you about a special deal that they have.
  4. Don’t settle for the first car or price you see. These days, it’s so easy to do a comparison, so take the time to do it. You might find a better deal somewhere else from another company resulting in huge savings. Certain websites even allow you to compare directly on one page so you can see the different rates being offered by different companies at once before coming to a decision.
  5. If you’re renting a car when you land, try to rent outside of the airport. Renting directly at the airport is easier, however, you are paying a much higher rate for the convenience factor. If possible, take a bus or taxi to the town you’re visiting and rent from there so that you end up paying a much better price.

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