If you plan on taking the trip of your life this summer, we hope that you have the most fun you could have in years! But we also want to make sure that you have planned ahead for all the essential things you might need, such as food, clothing, enough luggage space, or even a car.

You might be wondering, what will a car do for me when I plan to go on these adventures? Well, maybe because they are an easy and more affordable way of getting to vacation destinations and the places you love the most. Here are a few places that you should really consider visiting to get the most out of your summer in Vancouver.

  1. Grouse Mountain is a perfect place for summer fun, especially for those who love to hike and enjoy playing a variety of different games and sports. The view is also amazing.
  2. Kitsilano Beach – it’s a local place where many adults and teens hang during the summer with friends or families, it’s a great space to sit back and relax.
  3. Gastown – one of the oldest parts of Vancouver, Gastown has an immense amount of different diners and restaurants that serve prestigious foods. They also have heritage structures and the classic cobblestone streets.
  4. If you have arrived in Vancouver, Canada on a cruise ship, Canada Place is where your real journey begins. It’s a way to look at the pier of Northern Vancouver and take in all the beautiful scenery.
  5. Chinatown – Beyond Vancouver and the many shops and restaurants that line the street, make sure you are entering into a place of the most exotic and exquisite Chinese/Asian cuisine.
  6. English Bay is one of the city’s most recommended and popular places. It has a view of the front shore and sometimes has firework displays setup.
  7. Capilano Suspension Bridge – it’s almost too surreal to be true and something that you might’ve seen out of a movie or storybook. This attraction first opened in 1889 and ever since has been the place where many people go to walk over the beautiful canyons.

With these road trips in mind, you can make sure that if you are a resident in Vancouver or just visiting for the week, you can make days worth of fun and an experience that will leave long-lasting memories. You can make new friends on the way and ever explore the things you find the most interesting about this world. If you are looking for a car rental in Vancouver make sure to check us out at Expo Rent a Car.