Preparing in advance for a long road trip will make or break your trip. To help you make sure you have everything you’ll need for your open road trip, here are just a few things that should be added to your road trip checklist.

Setup your GPS

Whether you use a built-in GPS, a phone app or a traditional paper map, make sure you know where you’re going on this road trip, especially when you have a rental car. Plan your trip and make sure there are as little hiccups as possible to ensure a smooth ride.

Grab a Cooler

Instead of having drinks dumped throughout the car, rolling around as you speed down the backroads of a new city, pack everything away neatly into a cooler. This also ensures that you don’t forget a soda can in the car when it’s time to return it.

Secure Your Travel Mugs

On a long road trip, coffee is essential to have on hand. But instead of having a flimsy coffee cup from a drive-thru, make sure your rental car is protected from spills by investing in a secure travel mug with a lid. The less of a mess you make, the less you’ll have to pay in cleaning fees.

Utilize Air Fresheners

Particularly on long road trips, your rental vehicle is likely to get a bit smelly from all the food and other smells that tend to accumulate. Prevent your airflow from getting too stale by keeping a few air fresheners on hand.

Road Trip Snacks

Yet another essential for any road trip. However, while you’ll definitely need a sizeable amount of snacks to get you through long legs of your trip, make sure you don’t end up trashing the car in the process. Throw out all snack packaging and keep the car as clean as possible.

Road Trip Tunes

If you’re travelling with someone else or a group of people, conversations can only take you so far, especially during a long road trip. For the moments when talking isn’t an option due to exhaustion or boredom, then having various playlists on hand will save you.

Cleaning Supplies

No matter how careful you are when driving around in a rental car for days or weeks at a time, accidents are sure to happen. When they do, make sure you have paper towels, napkins and wet wipes to quickly deal with a spill or stain. A clean car will make for a more comfortable trip and lower cleaning fee by the time you need to return the vehicle.

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