We all want to save money and find deals when it comes to travelling because going on an adventure can be quite costly. If your next trip requires a car rental, the following secrets can help you score a great deal so that your wallet is not empty by the end of your trip.

We use the internet for everything, including our search for deals. When it comes to travel, there are the famous websites we see advertised daily, however, a great trick is to visit lesser-known websites that not everyone thinks about. As fewer people are visiting these sites, you have a higher chance of finding a great deal that won’t be posted anywhere else. Ask around and you’ll see that there are several sites you can check that you normally would not have thought of. These sites often offer special deals that the major sites do not, so you’ll end up finding a great car rental while saving a lot of money!

Do not fall for the insurance being offered, no matter how pushy the ads are. If you have a credit card from a reputable bank or personal car insurance, then the chances are you’re already covered and don’t need any additional coverage for a car rental. Take a look at your car insurance and call your credit card company to see what your insurance coverage is and make a decision based on that information. Once you have confirmed that you’re already covered, bring along the paperwork when you’re picking up your rental so they see that you don’t need to buy insurance from them.

Check for unnecessary fees that are hidden in the price. Sometimes, the price you’re offered includes all sorts of things that you don’t need, like a GPS, satellite radio or a toll transponder. Always read the fine print and point out anything strange that you see because you can walk out with a better deal than what was originally being offered. It never hurts to speak up, so don’t let the rental company pull a fast one!

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