Renting a car under the age of 25 is possible with Expo Rent a Car in Vancouver, but comes with some specific requirements and restrictions that drivers should understand beforehand. While minimum rental ages and young driver fees are common industry-wide, our policies offer the most flexibility and affordability for under-25 travellers.

Read below for a full overview of our rental requirements for drivers between ages 21-24, including tips for saving money and having the best rental experience.

British Columbia’s Minimum Rental Age of 21

The legal minimum age to rent a vehicle in the province of British Columbia is 21 years old, which matches the legal drinking age. Drivers must also hold a valid full Canadian driving license for at least one year. Other areas range from ages 18 (Quebec) to 25 (U.S.).

At 21, drivers gain access to all standard passenger vehicles like sedans and SUVs. However, restrictions and fees apply for under-25 renters, described in detail below. Recreational vehicles also often have higher minimum age requirements.

Required Deposits for Under-25 Renters

Drivers between ages 21 and 24 are required to provide a higher deposit that corresponds to the deductible amount in the event of an at-fault accident. This refundable deposit is typically charged as a “hold” authorization on a major credit card that is cancelled after returning the vehicle undamaged.

For our standard rental vehicles, under-25 renters should expect a deposit between $500-$1000, varying based on the vehicle class. By comparison, the standard deposit for 25+ renters is only around $200-$300. However, so long as there is no incident or damages, you can be sure that you will see this deposit returned.

This higher deposit applies to all under 25 renters, regardless of driving record or experience. Once you reach age 25, the standard lower deposit rates apply.

Young Renter Fee of Approximately $25/Day

In addition to the increased deposit, Expo Rent a Car charges drivers 21-24 a daily “underage” fee around $25 to cover the extra insurance costs associated with younger renters industry-wide. This is standard across rental companies, as insurance providers tend to be wary of younger drivers with less experience on the road.

So a 3-day rental would incur an added fee of about $75 total on top of the base rental rate. We clearly disclose this fee at the time of your booking, so you can accurately budget. While having to pay an additional fee is less than ideal, our under-25 fee is also lower than many major rental brands.

Tips for Securing the Best Rate as a Young Renter

To secure the best deals on car rentals with Expo before turning 25, here are some tips:

  • Book longer rentals of 4+ days when possible to “dilute” the impact of the daily underage fee.
  • Opt for our economy and compact vehicles to benefit from lower base rates.
  • Avoid renting at airport locations, which have higher fees. Book downtown pick-up instead.
  • Inquire about any current discounts or coupons you may be eligible for as a young renter.
  • Consider adding a second experienced driver 25+ to your rental to avoid young renter restrictions.

While age 21 provides access to all standard rental vehicles, additional policies apply to luxury, premium, and specialty vehicles which are outlined below.

Minimum Rental Ages for Luxury/Specialty Vehicles

To rent most luxury vehicles, premium SUVs, convertibles, trucks, and other specialty vehicles with Expo Rent a Car, drivers must be at least 25 years old. This includes popular models like:

  • BMW 3 Series, 5 Series
  • Mercedes C-Class, E-Class
  • Audi A4, A5, Q5
  • Infiniti Q50, QX60
  • Cadillac XTS, CT5
  • Range Rover, Jaguar
  • Porsche, Tesla
  • Convertibles like the Mustang or Camaro
  • Large pick-up trucks

In addition, drivers under 25 are restricted from renting our specialty high-performance vehicles, including:

  • Ford Mustang GT
  • Chevrolet Corvette
  • Dodge Challenger R/T

The goal is to protect younger drivers (and our vehicles) by limiting access to these higher-power vehicles requiring experience and skill to operate safely.

Removing Age Restrictions by Adding an Older Driver

One way under-25 renters can avoid young renter fees and restrictions with Expo Rent a Car is by adding a second experienced driver aged 25+ to the rental agreement.

This fully removes any age-related rental barriers, allowing you to rent luxury vehicles and avoid underage fees. We allow multiple drivers on all our rental agreements at no extra cost, as long as all drivers are listed at pickup.

The over-25 driver must be present when picking up the vehicle, but does not need to drive at all once the rental begins. Simply by being listed alongside the under-25 primary renter, they “activate” full rental access and benefits; the implication is that an older, more experienced driver can help ensure a safer rental.

So consider adding your partner, spouse, parent, or other 25+ companion to unlock the best rates and vehicle selection, regardless of your age.

Rent Your Dream Car in Vancouver—Without Age Limits!

Expo Rent a Car believes young renters should have access to the same diverse vehicle selection as other customers. That’s why we offer the most flexible and affordable policies for drivers under 25 in Vancouver, while maintaining prudent safety measures.

Drivers 21+ can rent any standard vehicle, and those 25+ gain access to specialty models. Restrictions are unavoidable industry-wide for young renters, but necessary for the safety of everyone.

For the smoothest rental experience and best savings, speak with our rental agents or reach out with any other questions. We look forward to making every Expo rental hassle-free and joyful, regardless of age or experience. Let us show you what premier Vancouver car rentals should really be, and get you out on the open road!

Get in touch with a rental agent at 604-726-6502 or 1-800-391-6502.