Are you looking for cheap car rental deals? The following tips will help you access the best rates:

Check the Car Rental Site Directly

There are websites that will show you a list of cheap car rental options, but before you book through one of these sites, it is recommended that you check the car rental site directly to compare the quotes. In some cases, the actual car rental company may offer you a better deal for booking through them directly.

Compare Weekly and Daily Rates

Don’t assume that the daily rate will be cheaper than the weekly rate because this may not always be the case. Even if you’re taking a trip for only three days, it may be cheaper to book a car for a week and return it early. Make sure you read the fine print clearly to prevent extra charges. 

Skip on Insurance

This does not mean you don’t need insurance coverage; it just means you don’t necessarily have to buy the insurance the rental car company is offering. If you have car insurance for your personal vehicle, that insurance will most likely cover you when driving a rental as well. Contact your insurance agent to confirm this aspect. You can also contact your credit card company to see if they offer insurance on rental cars at no extra cost. 

Skip the Upgrades

Rental car companies will offer customers a lot of features, and while they may sound great, you need to determine whether or not you actually need these upgrades. Do you need satellite radio? Do you need a GPS system? If you have a smartphone, you will likely not need either of these upgrades and saying no will save you money

Book Economy Cars

Unless you absolutely need a fancy car, always choose an economy car, as this will be a lot cheaper. The point is to get to your destination safely, and you don’t need a fancy vehicle for this. 

Don’t Pick Up Your Rental Car At the Airport

No matter how tempting this may be, don’t pick up your rental car at the airport because you will have to pay more for this service. If it’s a possibility, choose a non-airport pickup location because this can result in a ton of savings. 

Only Have One Driver When Practical

Adding a second driver to the rental car can increase costs. If you don’t mind doing all the driving, have one driver. In some cases, the rental company will waive the fee if the additional driver is your spouse or domestic partner, and it never hurts to ask!

Ask If You Qualify for a Discount

Are you a student? A veteran? A member of an organization? Do not be shy and ask about the discounts that are available because you may qualify for savings!


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