Renting a car is the best way to travel around a big new city, or even across the province for some travellers! Unfortunately, car rental costs for some travellers can be quite expensive. Did you know it doesn’t have to be, though? Follow these seven tips to save big on your next rental experience.

Book Early

The best way to save money on your car rental is to book farther ahead of time. When you book ahead of time, you can even save a few hundred dollars on your entire trip. Try to book your car rental at least two weeks ahead of time. This gives you time to shop around and check rates from a number of vehicle providers. When you shop early, you may also have a better selection of vehicles!

Make a Note of Any Issues

Avoid paying fees for damages by being proactive. See something wrong with the car body? A small scrape? A dent? Take a picture or make sure the rental company makes a note that it was there before you drive off. This way, you ensure you receive your deposit following the trip.

Bring Your Own Car Seat

When you bring your own children’s seat, you can save both money and time. Rental companies may offer a children’s seat as an add-on to your rate. Over your renting period, this cost can add up to quite a bit. Luckily, most rental companies allow their customers to bring their own car seats for us in any vehicle.

Compare Weekly vs Daily Rentals

Rental companies may offer their vehicles as a weekly or as a daily rate. Before you book your rental, inquire about the different rental rates. This way, you weigh your options and effectively get the best rate.

Pickup and Drop Off at the Same Location

In some cases, you can save money by picking up and dropping the vehicle off at the same location. For example, if you pick your vehicle up from the airport, ensure your dropoff location is at the airport as well.

Choose a Smaller Car

Sometimes, the larger cars are more expensive to rent. Many times you don’t need a huge car for your trip either. Save money by renting the smallest car that meets your needs. Make sure you have enough room for yourself, your passengers and your luggage.

Book with Expo Rent a Car

Of course, booking with a great company will save you money. Expo Rent a Car offers low prices that just can’t be beat! Our team has two locations, one located downtown and one at the Vancouver International Airport.

Call Expo Rent a Car today at (604) 726-6502 or get a quote online for your next car rental! Feel free to use these tips! We love saving our customers money!